Funding Model Development for New Spruce Grove School

The Minister of Infrastructure delivered an update to the public stating that 19 schools anticipated to open in 2016 will not be funded with a public-private partnership (P3).  This includes the new K – 9 School in Spruce Grove that Parkland School Division will be building.

"We have always maintained that Alberta would only use P3s where they show value for money and, with this project, a P3 does not make sense. The right choice for students, parents and taxpayers in this case is to use the government's traditional procurement method to deliver these 19 schools," said Minister of Infrastructure, Wayne Drysdale, in a press release.

By abandoning the P3 funding model, Albertans will save at least $14 million with the Alberta government taking responsibility for 19 new schools that were expected to be built using a public-private partnership (P3).   Parkland School Division will also retain a significant deal of control when it comes to design input and maintenance of the facility once it’s complete.

The opening date of our new school is in question but we are committed to having it open as soon as possible.    The onus is on individual school boards to work with Alberta Infrastructure to determine the way forward.   Parkland School Division is ready to proceed in partnership with Alberta Infrastructure funding the project and securing the construction companies and trades to move forward on our new school.

The province has set a target date to have the projects completed in 2017, but says they will work with school boards to build them "sooner if possible"

For more information contact: 
Tim Monds 
Superintendent, Parkland School Division 
Phone: 780-963-8417