Additional Administrative Appointments for 2016-2017

May 6, 2016 - Parkland School Division’s Superintendent of Schools Tim Monds is pleased to announce the final wave of administrative appointments for the 2016-2017 school year effective August 2016.  École Broxton Park School will be adding Lesley Cameron an Assistant Principal to replace the role left vacant by school's new Principal Treena Neumann.  Christine Ross's appointment as Principal at Parkland Village School created the opening for an Assistant Principal at Millgrove which will be filled by long-time Millgrove teacher Linda Madge-Arkinstall.  Aileen Peterson's departure from Blueberry School opens the door for Michelle Visscher's first Assistant Principal appointment.

“The amount of movement and additions to our Leadership Team is really unprecedented and totally by design" stated Superintendent Monds,  "The final three candidates are all great examples of cultivating leadership from within.  All three of these master teachers have proven to be great communicators, partners in collaboration and have made terrific connections with our students over the years.  In Parkland School Division, we value leadership in all places and everyone has the potential to be a great leader.  Once again, the future looks bright as we build a culture of learning together."

Lesley Cameron, Assistant Principal
École Broxton Park School (K-9)

Lesley Cameron has been teaching since 2003 and has various roles in the Kindergarten to Grade 6 setting.  Her early days were spent as an Early Literacy teacher in the Golden Hills School Division before landing in Parkland School Division as a Grade 4/5 teacher at Entwistle School.  She’s been in her current role as a teacher in Forest Green School since 2008, primarily teaching Grades 3 to 5.  Lesley has also answered the call as Acting Principal when called upon at various times over the last few years.  She’s also added Health Champion to her resume in that time working at the school and district level with Comprehensive School Health and other activities dedicated to bringing the goal of ‘Culture of Wellness’ to life.

Lesley earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta in 2003 with an Elementary Generalist major and an Educational Psychology minor.  She looks forward to beginning the Master of Education program at the University of Calgary this summer.

“I am very grateful to have been a part of the Forest Green School community and will cherish the opportunities I've had and the experience I have gained in my roles.  Thank you all for a wonderful eight years.  I am very excited to be joining the team at École Broxton Park School and look forward to forming new relationships and being a part of the great work happening there within the supportive, engaging, and collaborative learning environment.”

Linda Madge-Arkinstall, Assistant Principal
Millgrove School (K-4) 

Linda Madge-Arkinstall’s educational journey began in 1986 when Drayton Valley was still a part of Parkland School Division.  Her early days were spent as the Grades 1-3 resource room teacher.  She moved to Graminia School in a similar role and was also a Grade 2 teacher for six years.  After taking some time off to raise her four children, Linda returned to teaching in 2006 as a Kindergarten teacher at Millgrove School where she’s been ever since.  Linda has also taught K-1 music and served the students of Millgrove this past year as the Inclusive Education Lead.

Linda earned her Bachelor of Education with a Special Education minor from the University of Alberta.  She’s currently enrolled in the Master of Education program cohort Leading for Learning in Parkland School Division.

"I am honoured to work with Millgrove staff, students and parents in this new role. This amazing staff creates environments that enrich the lives of children and I am proud to be a part of the Millgrove team." 

Michelle Visscher, Assistant Principal
Blueberry School (K-9)

Michelle Visscher has extensive experience in rural and small school settings.  She began teaching in 2003 for the St. Paul School Division at Two Hills School which was a Kindergarten to Grade 12 split of English and German speaking students. Michelle was the special education coordinator there before starting her Parkland School Division career in 2005.  Michelle started substitute teaching and did so until making the decision to stay at home and raise her family.  She returned to PSD in 2013 and has spent time at Muir Lake School, Greystone Centennial Middle School also as a substitute teacher.  More recently, she's dedicated her time at Entwistle School, Seba Beach School, Tomahawk School and Wabamun School as the Inclusive Education Lead. Michelle has also served students at Seba Beach School as the Literacy Teacher for Grades 1 - 5.  She also taught K-6 Music and 6/7 Health.

Michelle earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta with a major in Elementary Education and minor in Special Education.

“It has been a privilege to work and support the communities of the WEST schools over the past two years. The past year at Seba has been one of excitement, growth and learning. I am grateful for the team at Seba and have been honoured to work and lead with them. I look forward to embarking on a new journey at Blueberry School. I am excited to work with families, students, staff and community members to create authentic learning opportunities allowing all learners to showcase their talents." 


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