Student Athlete Development Academy - Registration Open

March 10, 2020 - Connections for Learning is pleased to share that registrations/applications are now being accepted for the Student Athlete Development Academy. This registration process will determine whether or not the program will be viable enough to launch in the 2020-2021 school year.

The Parkland School Division Student Athlete Development Academy is a program for Grades 6-9 that provides student athletes in pursuit of high performance with technical, theoretical and experiential opportunities, while keeping them engaged in a rich and complete school community focused on academic achievement. Our aim is to provide local, high quality affordable options for unique high performance sport programming. 

This program is a collaboration between Parkland School Division and a number of community partners who offer high quality athletic development in their given sport. This program fosters a long-term approach to high performance athletic development, centered around the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive improvement of the student athletes.

Check out the Student Athlete Development Academy page on our website to find out more on:

Registered at Your Designated School Already?

If you happened to have registered for school at your designated Parkland School Division school using the Returning Student Registration links previously emailed to you and you'd like to switch your enrolling school to express interest in this program, you can email and the Connections for Learning staff will be able to adjust your electronic registration/verification for you.

If you are currently registered at a school (Parkland School Division or other partner in the regional transportation system like Evergreen Catholic School Division or area private school) and you are interested in this potential program-of-choice at Connections for Learning, and you have yet to complete your registration/verification emailed to you for the 2020-2021 school year, simply check your inbox and answer the appropriate questions on the Verification Page in the Returning Student Registration form.

Answer 'No' to the question:

PSD Student - My child, (Student Name), is currently attending (2019-20) a Parkland School Division school and will be returning for the 2020-21 school year at (school name).

Non-PSD Student - My child, (Student Name), used Parkland Division Transportation Services in the 2019-2020 school year, and will be returning for the 2020-21 school year at (school name)

Once you select 'No' to the above questions, you'll be redirected to the Change of School Request page where you can continue the registration process. For those switching from a Non-PSD school, to a Parkland School Division School, this will be the point in the process that will take you to Parkland School Division's New Student Registration form.

If you have any other questions please email or call the Connections for Learning school office at 780-963-0507.