Nature Kindergarten: Space Available

August 19, 2020 - Nature Kindergarten is an optional extension program based at Muir Lake School and focused on providing meaningful student engagement in a nature-based setting while addressing kindergarten curriculum.

With our ultimate goal being student success and well-being, we ensure children spend the majority of their day outside exploring the local environment as inspiration for their learning. Nature Kindergarten nurtures independent, confident and resilient learners with a zeal for problem-solving. Physical literacy and lifelong health and well-being are fostered through outdoor adventures that contribute to the social and emotional assets of individual health.

Space Available

As of today, the following spaces are currently available in our Nature Kindergarten Program:

  • Monday/Wednesday Nature Kindergarten - 5 spaces available
  • Tuesday/Thursday Nature Kindergarten - 6 spaces available

Students attend Nature Kindergarten on days alternate to when they attend their regular Kindergarten program. In other words, children enrolled in a regular Monday/Wednesday Kindergarten program should be registered for Tuesday/Thursday Nature Kindergarten, and vice versa.

2020-2021 Registration

To apply to the 2020-2021 Nature Kindergarten Program, please complete and submit a Nature Kindergarten Application Form.

Please note: Your child must first be registered for Kindergarten at a Parkland School Division school before they can be registered in the Nature-Based Kindergarten program. Complete information on the registration process can be found on our Registration page.

NEW: Priority shall be given to Parkland School Division students, but out-of-division applicants may be considered if space and resources are available.

More Information

To learn more about Parkland School Division's Nature Kindergarten program, please visit the Nature Kindergarten page.

For more information contact:
Muir Lake School
Phone: 780-963-3535