C2 Committee Update

The Parkland School Division C2 Committee would like to take the opportunity to provide an update to teachers throughout the Division.  For those unfamiliar with the committee and its work, the C2 Committee is a collaborative effort between  ATA Local No. 10 and Parkland School Division designed to examine and address teacher workload and improve teacher efficacy.  Full support has been given from both Superintendent Tim Monds and the Local from the onset.
C2 committee work is mandated by the Government of Alberta and there are reports that it is not gaining traction in some parts of the province.  However, the collaborative effort in PSD is alive and well and the committee has been taking the work to heart.  The committee is exceeding the mandate of the government’s framework agreement and has used engagement tools like Thoughtexchange to really take the pulse of teachers throughout the division. 
Two key recommendations the PSD C2 Committee has brought forth have since been approved by Superintendent Tim Monds.  One was to discontinue the time consuming practice of teachers writing on cumulative files.  Work is also being done to create better awareness about the infrastructure of supports and services available for students and to build teacher capacity.  PSD’s Learning Services department will be distributing more information on this topic in the near future. 
The C2 Committee has created a strong, positive collaborative working culture. Their purpose is to make a difference for teachers adding to the formula it takes to achieve the Division’s ultimate goal: student success and well-being for ALL students.  
For further information or to provide feedback or suggestions, committee members can be reached at