Think Pink - End Bullying

Everyone has a role in promoting healthy relationships and preventing bullying - in our schools, communities and workplaces.

Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday, February 25. This is a national anti-bullying day, inspired by two Nova Scotia youth who rallied fellow students and teachers at their high school to wear pink in support of a younger student who had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt to class earlier in the week.

Show Your Support! 

On February 25, school administrators, teachers and students can show their support for welcoming, caring, respectful, safe and inclusive school communities by:

  • Wearing a pink shirt.
  • Tweeting a photo of themselves using #AlbertaPink.

Information and Resources

Information and support are available by calling the Bullying Helpline at 1-888-456-2323.

You can also visit to chat, or explore resources at for information on promoting healthy relationships and preventing bullying.

We also encourage discussion and display of the Pink Shirt Day infographic. The infographic was co-developed by the Government of Alberta; the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services - University of Alberta; The Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities; and ATB Financial as a means of demonstrating solidarity against bullying.

If you would like a printed copy, please contact the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at 780-492-0772 or

Thanks for your support!

For more information about Pink Shirt Day, visit