Board Meeting Highlights - April 4, 2017

The Board of Trustees is pleased to share with all education stakeholders the highlights of our recent Board meeting held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. The adopted minutes will be available on our website following the next Regular Board meeting.


  • The Board welcomed as a delegation Barry Litun, Executive Director of the College of Alberta School Superintendents. Mr. Litun presented Superintendent Tim Monds with the  provincial EXL Award for Excellence in School System Leadership. CASS will nominate Monds for the national EXL Award as Canadian Superintendent of the Year, to be announced at the Canadian Association of School System Administrators (CASSA) Conference July 5 – 7 in Halifax. The EXL Award recognizes excellence among members of the superintendency in Canada. 
  • The Board welcomed as a delegation the Blueberry Blaze robotics team who recently placed first in Canada in the 2017 Wonder League Robotics Competition. There were over 5,400 teams competing internationally.
  • The Board approved the second quarterly financial report for the period ending February 28, 2017. The year-to-date surplus is $66 thousand dollars.Total revenues are at 50.6% of the final budget of $127,538,751.  Total expenses are at 50.5% of the final budget of $127,581,618.  The target percentage for this period was 50.0%.
  • With the introduction of Bill 1, effective for the 2017-2018 school year, the Division will no longer have jurisdiction to charge a parent of a student fees with respect to instructional supplies and materials or transportation for students residing more than 2.4 kilometers from and who attend their designated school sites.
    Changes to Section 51(3) and 60 (2) of the School Act are forthcoming. The Board of Trustees approved the Fees and Allowances for 2017-2018 including the following changes:
    • Transportation Fees: The transportation rider fee of $50.00 has been eliminated and is now included in the rate charged for all transportation fees.
    • Students residing less than 2.4 kilometers from their designated school do not receive grant funding and are required to pay a transportation fee to a maximum family rate. This applies to both rural and urban students where previously this applied only to urban students.
    • The fee for private school student riders is based on the actual operational cost associated with transporting private school students, who are not funded through Alberta Education Grants. There is no maximum family rate for transporting private school students.
    • A new Alternate Seat Fee will be accessed for all students requesting more than one drop off/pickup location. (Early Childhood Services Full Day/Half time - $150, Grades 1-12 - $300)
    • Instructional Material Fees:  School jurisdictions will no longer charge a fee for basic instructional supplies or materials including textbooks, workbooks, photocopying, printing/paper or any common fees charged to an entire school body or grade cohort.
  • The Board of Trustees reaffirmed the Guiding Principles for Negotiations.
  • The Board received as information Parkland School Division's Grade 12 Diploma Exam Results for January 2017.
    • Although not representative of the entire Grade 12 cohort of learners, the January 2017 Blended Diploma and Course results equaled or surpassed the provincial results on:
      • 9 out of 11 Diploma Examinations at the Acceptable Standard; 
      • and o 8 out of 11 Diploma Examinations at the Standard of Excellence.
  • ​The Board received as information the Human Resources Department Report as presented by Director of Human Resources Shae Abba.

​Next Regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 6:30pm, Centre for Education in Stony Plain (4603-48 Street)