Trustee Profile

Paul McCann

Board of Trustees - Ward 4

About Me


My wife Dodi and I have raised a blended family in Stony Plain, comprised of four children, now all adults. Our granddaughter graduated from Spruce Grove Composite in 2016. We have been active volunteers in working with many local and regional non-profit groups. We are regular users of the trail system in our community and are visible walking or cycling together on most days.

My extensive classroom experience includes teaching at many grade levels, ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 9. I have taught in most subject areas. The majority of my career has been spent working with kids from Grades 7-9 in the mathematics classroom, in a science lab and in a gymnasium.

I have been a proud resident of the Town of Stony Plain since 1993. A significant milestone was when I marked the conclusion of a teaching career (June 2017) that spanned over 35 years in the classroom, all with Parkland School Division. My time in the Division includes the experience of working with kids at Stony Plain Elementary, Kitaskinaw, Woodhaven, Broxton Park and Stony Plain Central.

I consider myself to be a proven and respected leader within my community. I judge that I have gained a well-balanced skill set that makes me well qualified to serve as one of seven Trustees for the Division. My background includes:

  • A variety of professional experience in education,
  • Significant volunteer work in the community, and
  • Distinguished service as an elected representative

Current Time Committments

  • V.P./Secretary – Edmonton Huskies Alumni Society [Elected]
  • Treasurer and Presenter – Edmonton Retrouvaille [Elected/Volunteer]
  • Classroom Helper at Stony Plain Central School [Volunteer]

Previous Accomplishments

  • Retired Teacher (+35 years with Parkland School Division)
  • Provincial Executive Council - Alberta Teacher’s Association [Elected]
  • Parkland Teachers’ Local President – Alberta Teachers’ Association [Elected]
  • Municipal Town Council Member - Town of Stony Plain [Elected]
  • Board of Directors – Edmonton Flag Football Association [Elected]
  • Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta [Blood, Sweat, Tears]
  • Coach of Amateur Sports – Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, etc. [Volunteer]

My Pledge

  • I will be an excellent voice in representing the students, families, school employees, and key stakeholders from the greater community of Parkland School Division.
  • I will be fiscally responsible in ensuring that Parkland School Division tax dollars are used both efficiently and responsibly.
  • I will do the research and be properly informed when making decisions on your behalf. I will be open and transparent with regards to how I vote, as your representative, on any motions/resolutions at all Parkland School Division public board meetings.