Trends, Events and Issues

Ongoing, meaningful engagement enables the Board to hear its stakeholders and consider the issues that are of greatest concern in light of changing trends in education. Effective strategic planning involves a consideration of emerging trends and significant issues, and the impact each of these factors has on student success and well-being. Notwithstanding the Division’s priorities and strategies, the Board recognizes significant trends and issues that will continue to impact education. A trend describes a general direction toward changing attributes within a system, whereas an event or issue may arise more quickly and impact a systemic change before the event or issue is resolved or completed. Each trend, issue or event involves responsive action and, therefore, planning. 

There is a growing dependence on the education system to provide a solid foundation for society’s future, to develop engaged and ethical citizens who will be able to use their skills and competencies to effectively resolve environmental, economic, political and cultural issues, and to ensure that the upcoming generation is healthy and active. Expanding the definition of learner success to encompass more than academic outcomes creates a significant increase in community expectations of the education system and in expectations of educators.

Our Parkland School Division staff members demonstrate an enduring and integral commitment to promote citizenship and social responsibility, to teach and model an active and healthy lifestyle, to deal with the growing issues of drugs and alcohol that have become more prevalent with youth, and to prepare students to take their place in a rapidly changing world. The Division also recognizes the important roles community members and experts play in collaborating with educators to respond adequately to the broader outcomes of education.

This education plan identifies emerging and continuing trends and issues in education that must be considered in planning for student success and well-being: