Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to System Review Phase I Open House Questions

  1. Why is the High School information missing?

    For the purpose of the current System Review, Parkland School Division’s two high schools (Spruce Grove Composite High School and Memorial Composite High School) were not included. The current population of each school, based on September 30, 2010 enrolment, is as follows:

    • Spruce Grove Composite High School 1057
    • Memorial Composite High School 1104
  2. Can you help me understand the boundary situation around the hospital in Stony Plain?

    Effective 2009, the area adjacent to the Westview Health Centre was designated to Stony Plain Central School for Kindergarten – Grade 9. This decision was made by the Board of Education in order to begin to address the enrolment situation.

  3. How many cross attendance area students attend each of the schools in the System Review?

    The following chart lists the number of students who attend each school as cross attendance area and those who leave each school to attend other schools as cross attendance area students. The data provided is from the September 30, 2010 student count.

    Spruce Grove & Area

    School Enrolment Cross Attendance
    Coming In
    Cross Attendance
    Going Out
    École Broxton Park School 685 * *
    Brookwood School 539 33 122
    Graminia School 505 26 31
    Greystone Centennial Middle School 482 61 171
    Millgrove School 431 22 109
    Parkland Village School 162 13 40
    Woodhaven Middle School 561 110 128

    Stony Plain & Area

    School Enrolment Cross Attendance
    Coming In
    Cross Attendance
    Going Out
    École Meridian Heights School 631 159 21
    Blueberry School 500 70 63
    Forest Green School 252 24 70
    High Park School 440 75 128
    Muir Lake School 442 16 50
    Stony Plain Central School 465 86 139

    West End Area

    School Enrolment Cross Attendance
    Coming In
    Cross Attendance
    Going Out
    Duffield School 312 13 76
    Entwistle School 150 2 34
    Keephills School 55 6 7
    Seba Beach School 136 6 12
    Tomahawk School 106 24 28
    Wabamun School 120 13 7

    * École Broxton Park School has a unique situation due to its specialized programs.

  4. If we cannot obtain funding from the government, can we obtain funding elsewhere?

    Government funding is the only funding available for school construction.

Original Questions

  1. What is the purpose of the System Review?

    The purpose of the System Review is to:

    • Identify and respond to changing demographics
    • Identify facility capacity issues and opportunitie
    • Identify the increasing student space challenges associated with a lack of capital funding for new school facilities; and
    • Solicit stakeholder input on how to deal with student space issues and opportunities.
  2. Is this a school closure or school consolidation study or plan? Is there a plan to close my school as part of the System Review?

    No. This is not a school closure or school consolidation study or plan. The System Review process is about developing a proactive strategy to ensure Parkland schools can accommodate current and projected enrolments by creating and evaluating options using the proposed System Review Planning Principles shown on a panel in this Open House.

  3. What is the Board’s schedule for making decisions from the System Review?

    The Board’s schedule for receiving stakeholder input and making decisions includes holding the Public Information Open Houses on January 24, 25, and 26th, reviewing the public comments and input to determine the next steps and notifying the public in February, and planning follow-up public meetings as appropriate in February and/or March. This information is shown on one of the display panels as part of this Public Information Open House.

  4. Are we obligated to make boundary changes by March 1, 2011?

    Parkland School Division is committed to taking the time necessary to complete the System Review and to communicate and implement the subsequent decisions. We are not bound by a March 1st deadline as the Administrative Procedure 305 on Attendance Boundaries is currently under review.

  5. Is it the Board’s intent to move my child from our current school to another school?

    The System Review process is about developing a positive strategy to ensure Parkland schools are able to accommodate current and projected student enrolments. Government funding for new school facilities is limited within the current Alberta fiscal situation which necessitates Parkland School Division to be proactive in seeking both short and long term solutions. The Board is seeking input through public consultations as they begin to consider solutions.

  6. How were the enrolment projections created? What factors were taken into consideration?

    The enrolment projections are from the current Parkland School Division Facilities Plan and have been updated with September 30, 2010, cohort movement. The enrolment projections were developed by:

    • Obtaining land use development information from municipal planning officials.
    • Reviewing general population and birth information.
    • Reviewing historical enrolment trends.
    • Creating enrolment projections by taking the above factors into consideration Enrolment projections have been updated with the most recent available data.
    Enrolment projections are conservative in the urban communities as there has been a recent increase in the number of housing starts in new subdivisions.
  7. What does “co-terminus boundaries” mean?

    Co-terminus boundaries direct groups of students based on their attendance at a particular school to transition to another school as an entire group of students. (e.g. All Grade 4 students at Parkland Village School attend Greystone Centennial Middle School in Grade 5)

  8. What does “capacity” mean and how do school boards use “capacity” in their decisionmaking?

    “Capacity” of a school is the amount of recommended space designated for each student in a school, and is based on their grade and the type of educational programs within the school. Alberta Infrastructure recommends that the most efficient use of a school occurs when enrolments reach 85% of its capacity. A school jurisdiction may be eligible for expansion funding (e.g. a new school or core portables) when its enrolment reaches 85% of capacity. Recent movements of core portables are shown on the display boards.

  9. How will the System Review affect the process of Parkland School Division getting new schools?

    Through a public consultation process and a review of the data, the System Review will provide valuable feedback and additional information that will support our need for new schools. The Board will continue to advocate for new schools applied for by the Division. It is not uncommon for it to take several years after the announcement of a new school being approved to build and open a new school. School jurisdictions depend on government funding for new schools and core portables which are attached to the school.

  10. Are core portables a viable solution for our space issues?

    Installing core portables to existing school facilities may be a viable short term solution. Core portables may not serve as a long term solution keeping in mind future student enrolment growth trends and student learning program requirements. Core portable funding is subject to government approval processes.

  11. Where can I get a copy of Administrative Procedure 305 on Attendance Boundaries?

    The Administrative Procedure 305 is available online. Your comments about this procedure are welcomed. Please forward any comments