Student Tracking Scan Card System

Our buses are equipped with video surveillance systems, two-way communication radios and our Student Tracking Scan Card System (Scan Card) and associated GPS.

About the Student Tracking Scan Card System

In September 2017, Transportation Services expanded the Student Tracking Scan Card System to include all students who access Parkland School Division's transportation system. The scan card (which is incorporated into the bus pass) is designed to enhance the safe transport of bus students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 by means of Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) and RFID Readers. 

All students utilizing Parkland School Division's Regional Transportation system will be issued an RFID-enabled bus pass that they must carry to ride the bus. The student must scan an electronic reader on the bus every time he/she enters or exits the bus. Each bus pass scan will record the time, date and location of this event. This information is automatically transmitted to a secure, confidential database in Transportation Services. The scan database will allow the Department to monitor the progress of bus students as they travel to and from school on their designated bus(es). 

Scan Card Questions & Answers

How does the scannable bus pass work?

Students will be issued a scannable bus pass to carry when riding the bus. An electronic reader installed on the bus will identify each student as they swipe their pass over the electronic reader upon entering or leaving the bus. The time, date and location of each student is logged and transmitted to a secure, confidential database. The system will be able to identify which bus the student has boarded. If there is a concern, our coordinator will be able to notify the bus operator by two-way radio.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program will provide a reliable way to identify student bus riders and ensure they safely reach their destinations.

Who is eligible to receive a scannable bus pass?

Scannable bus passes will be issued to all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 that ride on a regular Parkland School Division bus.

How would a driver know if all the kids have swiped on/off the bus? Is there a notification to the driver?

When a child scans the pass on the reader, there will be an audible beep to indicate it was a successful scan. In addition to this, when the pass is scanned, the light indicator will change from blue to green. The system will be able to identify which bus the student has boarded. If there is a concern, our coordinator will be able to notify the bus operator by our two-way radio.

If my child forgets his/her bus pass, can he/she still ride the bus?

If your child has recently lost or forgotten their bus pass, he/she will be allowed to ride the bus. 

If the student does not have the bus pass available to scan when boarding the bus, he/she should notify the driver at that time and the driver will confirm registration.

After three instances of not providing a bus pass to scan, students and parents will be directed to contact Transportation Services to replace the bus pass. Any lost or damaged bus pass will be replaced for a fee which will be automatically added to the student’s account.

Please note: Early in the school year, before bus drivers and students are fully familiar with their route, students without bus passes are generally not allowed to board the bus home without a pass, as staff require the information listed on the pass to direct the child on the correct bus route. This helps ensure the child does not board an unknown bus and end up stranded at the wrong transfer station, especially if the child has multiple pick-up and/or drop-off locations on their route.

What happens if my child's bus pass is lost or stolen?

Report the lost pass to Transportation Services at 780-963-8452 to prevent the unauthorized use of the pass. This department will log the card contained within the pass as inactive, and a new pass/card will be issued. Replacement passes will be issued at $20 each. 

For more information contact:
Transportation Services
4603-48 Street 
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 2A8
Phone: 780-963-8452