Phase III Public Consultation

Engaging our communities and education stakeholders has been a significant priority for PSD’s Board of Trustees over the past number of years. We are committed to community input and feedback through our System Review which has recently evaluated our facility capacity needs in Spruce Grove, and is now examining enrolment trends and facility requirements for west end schools as part of System Review Phase III. 

Stakeholder Consultation Forum on November 22, 2012 

As part of Phase III of its System Review, PSD’s Board of Trustees hosted a stakeholder consultation forum on November 22 at Duffield School. The Board was very pleased with strong turnout for the event as many parents, community stakeholders, and area businesses joined the trustees, senior team, and school administrators from PSD to discuss enrolment trends, educational priorities, and challenges for West End schools.

Highlights from the evening:

  • An overview of the history of System Review in Parkland School Division was shared
  • West Parkland enrolment and financial trends were discussed
  • A summary of previous stakeholder input from the west end was shared, in addition to a summary of area challenges and opportunities
  • Through table discussions, event attendees discussed and shared the opportunities and challenges they see for West Parkland schools

Information discussed, and feedback provided at this most recent public consultation session will be posted on our website. Check back with us for more information updates.

View the West Parkland System Review Presentation from November 22, 2012

Provide Your Feedback

If you weren’t able to attend this public consultation session, and you’d like to provide your input regarding the opportunities and challenges for West Parkland schools, please send an email We’d love to hear from you.