Phase I Public Consultation

As part of our commitment to gathering input into important issues that affect the community, Parkland School Division hosted three Public Information Open Houses on January 24-26. Over the course of three evenings, 176 people attended and took the opportunity to become more informed by visiting the display boards and speaking with Trustees, Senior Administration, Managers and consultants. All attendees were invited to provide input by completing a comment sheet. Thank you very much to everyone who attended.

System Review Phase I Update

In over eighty comments received resulting from the Open Houses held in Phase I of the System Review, four predominant themes surfaced:

  • Keep families together by “grandfathering” students
  • Create co-terminus boundaries
  • Rural students to rural schools and urban students to urban schools
  • Transportation

Trustees have read and discussed the stakeholder feedback and will consider all comments as they discuss solutions. The Board of Trustees will address the most urgent priorities first. They will take the steps necessary to manage change over time.

Trustees have four tools available to them as they respond to changing demographics and space issues:

  • Continue to restrict cross-boundary students
  • Optimize available space to create more classrooms (i.e. use music rooms, move walls, etc.)
  • Add core portables where possible dependant on Provincial funding
  • Change attendance boundaries

Phase II of the System Review will include Public Information Open Houses during the first part of March. Participants will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the Trustees’ plans. Comments and suggestions will be received from comment sheets at the Open Houses, via email or fax.

The Board of Trustees remains committed to the students of Parkland School Division. They will continue to deal with space issues while advocating for the new school applied for within the Capital Plan. Updates on the System Review will continue to be posted on this website.

If you were unable to attend, all of the information shared at the Open Houses has been posted below.

System Review Phase I Storyboards

Executive Summary

West Parkland Zone

Town of Stony Plain Zone

City of Spruce Grove Zone