How to Apply

Application Instructions

Please view the following documents for step-by-step instructions on how to apply online for a position at Parkland School Division.

Leadership Positions

Administrative positions with supervisory responsibility. Please see the job posting for specific information.

Teaching Positions

We ask all those interested in joining our division to create an online portfolio. Please complete all sections of your portfolio before applying to a job posting, unless you are a student in your final year of your Bachelor of Education. If so, we encourage you to begin your portfolio today, and add required documents as they are made available to you.

Note: An Alberta Teaching Certificate is required.

Support Positions

We offer job opportunities in a range of support positions - everything from secretaries and educational assistants to facility maintenance staff and computer technicians. Please see our list of current openings for available positions and requirements. Those applying for support positions are also required to create an online portfolio. Please complete all sections of your portfolio before applying to a job posting online. 

Substitute Teacher Positions

We are continually accepting applications for Substitute Teachers. Please create an online portfolio before applying to the Substitute Teacher job posting.

Casual Positions

We occasionally accept applications for Casual Support Staff (casual education assistant, secretaries and librarians) and Casual Caretakers. Please create an online portfolio before applying to the corresponding job posting.

Trouble Applying?

Should you experience any technical difficulties while applying for a PSD position online, please contact our service provider for assistance:

Apply to Education
Phone: 1-877-900-5627
Hours: 5:30am-5pm, Monday through Friday

For more information contact:

Human Resources
Phone: 780-963-8462 or 780-963-8463


Sub Placement Office
Phone: 780-963-8466