Enduring Priorities

In addition to trends, issues and events, we must consider the priorities that serve as a check-and-balance on our planning. What priorities should we consider as we look for measures of confidence (our Assurance Elements) within each domain to assure our stakeholders we are achieving our Ultimate Goal? 

Our Six Enduring Priorities help us understand the way we attend to Student Success and Well-Being within Parkland School Division. These priorities are considered to be enduring as they are continuous and unchanging, regardless of our desired outcomes.

Our priorities frame our planning:

  • Have we sought first to understand and meaningfully engage those impacted by our plans?
  • Have we considered the efforts of others and conducted appropriate research?
  • Have we considered the larger, societal impact of our plans?
  • Have we considered the cost of our plans?
  • Have we considered the impact that our plans will have on our stakeholders’ sense of well-being?
  • Have we considered how our plans will increase resilience in our students and staff?

The Six Enduring Priorities

Meaningful Engagement

Assurance Elements that prioritize meaningful engagement include a consideration of how these elements will be shared and supported by all stakeholder groups. Meaningful engagement is foundational to providing stakeholder assurance that the Division is achieving its Ultimate Goal: Student Success and Well-being.

Inspired Exploration

Parkland School Division continues to provide leadership through inspired exploration as an enduring priority. Assurance Elements that prioritize inspired exploration include a consideration of how the Division will employ leadership and evidence informed decision making as a true learning organization.

Connected Community

Whereas meaningful engagement is a process priority, connecting to the community involves determining who best to engage. Assurance Elements that consider this priority work to assure that a reciprocal connection exists between our students and the communities in which they live; that Parkland School Division staff explore ways to connect students with their community – and, similarly, that the community has avenues for connection with our students.

Resource Stewardship

Ensuring equitable and sustainable use of our resources and ensuring financial responsibility. Assurance Elements that prioritize resource stewardship include a consideration of how they will utilize limited resources with maximum results.

Wellness Culture

Parkland School Division is committed to Student Success and Well-Being. The Division recognizes that, as a system, well-being must be present for all stakeholders, and therefore is committed to fostering physical literacy, lifelong health and well-being at all levels. Assurance Elements that prioritize our wellness culture include a consideration of how the Division is directly contributing to the social and emotional assets of individual health and well-being. 

Confident Resilience

The Division believes that confident, adaptable and resilient students are successful students. This belief extends to all stakeholders in education; Assurance Elements that consider this priority promote capacity building, independence and a zeal for problem solving in the face of adversity.