Educational Stakeholders

Parkland School Division’s tagline is “Where the World Opens Up.” We are dedicated to our students and believe that meaningfully engaging the global community is a necessity for human development. We are preparing children for an uncertain future, and we know we are not alone in the process of their growth. Parkland School Division views meaningful engagement as an enduring priority.

Engage Our Students – Engage our Parents – Engage our Staff – Engage our Local & Global Communities

The Board is guided by the Vision and Mission of Parkland School Division. It is committed to transparent and collaborative efforts to achieve its priorities through the engagement of students, staff and community. Furthermore, it is committed to effectively managing its resources to support student learning.

Our Stakeholders

An Assurance Model for planning means that the Board is committed to determining the level of confidence that our stakeholders have in our system. We endeavour to consider the insights of all our stakeholders, including:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Staff
  • Trustees
  • Alberta Education
  • Community members
  • School councils
  • Indigenous Elders
  • Neighbours
  • Universities
  • Local media
  • Future employers
  • Senior citizens
  • Volunteers
  • Colleges
  • Community agencies
  • Government agencies
  • The RCMP
  • Municipal government
  • Technical institutes

In one way or another, all members of a functioning society exist as stakeholders in education.

Society is rapidly evolving and this change becomes a form of pressure on our schools. As we plan to achieve our Ultimate Goal of Student Success and Well-being, we will need to address effective ways of bridging perceived ‘gaps’ in communication or involvement from extended stakeholders through meaningful engagement. We need to reach our stakeholders through meaningful engagement processes.


The Division’s Education Plan is a product of strong stakeholder engagement. In keeping with the School Councils Regulation (94/2019), the Board provides opportunities for School Councils and stakeholders to be involved in this education plan:

  • Through the daily commitment of our Trustees in engaging our students, staff and community;

  • Through the ongoing conversations and engagement that our staff has with students, staff, parents and the community;

  • Through School Council meetings and representation at the Council of School Councils;

  • Through Student Advisory Committee meetings;

  • Through public board meetings; and,

  • Through specific events and activities that were held to facilitate planning based on a model of assurance, including:

    • An annual Stakeholder Engagement Event;
    • An annual Stakeholder Education Planning Event;
    • An annual Leadership Planning session;
    • Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Team sessions; and,
    • Our ThoughtExchange Stakeholder Engagement Process.

Parkland School Division recognizes that every interaction provides an opportunity to learn and grow.

The Parkland School Division Board of Trustees remains committed to improving and increasing stakeholder engagement.