Education Planning - Message from the Board Chair

Parkland School Division’s Board of Trustees is the proud governing body overseeing the education of more than 11,000 students. The Board currently operates with a blend of returning and new members, who have worked hard to observe and actively participate in the development of this new education plan. We are proud of this document and believe it provides students, parents, staff and community partners with a solid, ongoing direction for learning.

We use the term “assurance” as a way to capture a measure of trust and confidence that our stakeholders have in our actions and intentions each and every day. The Division’s assurance process aims to strike a balance between trusting our own Divisional expertise and experience, and actively seeking to understand the thoughts, feelings and needs of our students, parents and other community stakeholders. We believe that a collaborative approach to education planning results in a superior plan that provides students with skills and overall wellness, while leading them toward the Division’s Ultimate Goal of Student Success and Well-Being.

We appreciate that our parents, as stakeholders, are deeply involved in their child’s educational experience. To encourage their contribution, we issue online feedback surveys and host stakeholder engagement events, such as our Annual Education Planning Day, where parents are invited to help develop the education plan. We want everyone to have a chance to be heard, to be seen and to play an active role in the creation of plans, such as this, that guide our children’s future.

As a school community, we have the responsibility of preparing our children for the rest of their lives. Therefore, this plan was designed to provide every student with a consistent educational experience - one that respects both local nuances and recognizes broader societal expectations. As the Board of Trustees, we continually work to earn and keep the confidence and trust of students, parents, staff and the community-at-large. We are confident that the plan’s assurance elements -  when vetted through our enduring priorities, shall accurately illustrate our dedication to ensuring our students possess the confidence, resilience, insight and skills required to thrive in, and positively impact the world.