Cross Attendance Area Transportation

Parents that choose to register their child in a school other than their designated school are required to pay a system-wide cross attendance area transportation fee.

Transportation will be provided for students who choose to attend a school other than their designated school, provided:

  • There is space available on the bus
  • The bus does not have to be diverted from the regular approved route
  • The receiving school has the space available to accommodate the child
  • That applicable cross attendance area fees are paid

Note: If an urban student is attending a non-designated school, the cross attendance area fee will apply. The student will NOT be required to purchase an urban bus pass in addition to paying the cross attendance area fee.


The following transported students will not be required to pay for cross attendance area transportation fees:

  • Students with special needs directed to a specialized program outside their designated school
  • Students enrolled in specialized programming for which provincial transportation funding is provided
  • Students attending a non-designated school, who were residing within an optional transportation area that was removed by the Board during the 2004/05 school year (this applies only to those students currently enrolled in Parkland, not their siblings who will be entering the system)

Note: Students enrolled in specialized programming such as Maranatha, at a school other than their designated school, will be required to pay the cross attendance area fees.

For more information contact: 
Transportation Services
4603-48 Street
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 2A8
Phone:  780-963-8452