Cirque du Soleil - Circus Arts

Parkland School Division is proud to be partnering with Aerials Gymnastics Centre, PLAY Parkland, and the National Circus School to support the e-learning Circus Arts Instructor's Course in 2016. The registration is now open for all coaches, teachers, and recreation specialists to enrol as part of the 2016 Western Canadian Cohort. School administrators and recreation partners have received the information and are welcomed to work with their education plan to determine whether or not this opportunity may serve their students and school goals.  

The practicum for the learning modules takes place March 29th-April 3rd in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

Instructor E-Learning

The goal of this program is to educate circus arts instructors. These instructors will be qualified to provide an initiation to various circus disciplines in the context of recreational activity. These instructors may also serve as educators in the social services arena, introducing young people at risk to the circus arts.

Circus arts instructors are able to find employment in many areas. These include: schools devoted to circus arts as recreational activity, municipal recreational facilities, day or vacation camps, or resorts that offer leisure activities. Instructors may also be called upon to animate after-school programs in educational facilities. Community and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which may also incorporate these arts as a form of social education, have occasion to call upon the services of circus arts instructors.

The École nationale de cirque (National Circus School) now offers an online version of the circus arts Instructor program in English. The program takes place over a period of 17 weeks. It consists of mostly virtual sessions along with a week of onsite training with the School's teachers in Montreal or another city depending on the session. For the 2016 Winter session, the live session will be happening in Edmonton (AB) as well as in Montreal (QC). 

Educational Objectives

  • Class Management (45 hours)
  • Introduction to Circus Techniques (75 hours)
  • Supervising the Creation and Production of a Performance (45 hours)
  • Setting up and Striking Acrobatic Apparatus (45 hours)
  • Lead a circus program in the context of social education (60 hours)
  • Work Experience Internship (90 hours)

Virtual Classes

Online learning is made available through the Moodle platform used by many institutions of higher education. Students have access to a wide variety of learning tools: blogs, forums, video conferencing. Videos and other learning materials in PowerPoint or PDF format are accessible at all times. Students may access quiz-type tests to conduct self-assessment and verify their progress. A weekly meeting is held via video conference at a specified time with the teacher and all members of the virtual class. 

‚ÄčWondering how a virtual class looks?

For more information contact:
Felicia Ochs
Wellness Coordinator
Learning Supports
Phone: 780-963-8465