Profile of Parkland School Division

Parkland School Division (PSD) is situated just west of Edmonton. We are a progressive and innovative school division, with a reputation as one of the best in the province for both students and staff.  The division offers diverse educational programming, serving over 85,000 residents across a blend of urban centres and rural communities, with most families living in the Tri-Municipal Region, including Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County. Though our division is widespread, spanning over 2,450 square kilometres, our collective school community is close-knit, a quality that we foster through ongoing feedback and engagement opportunities.

Our learning community consists of 22 schools, including Connections for Learning (CFL), which is structured around a main campus and two high school outreach locations. Our CFL alternative programs provide for home/school partnerships and a recently launched student athlete sports academy. 

Enrolment growth demands more learning space. This growth will be eased by the expansion of Woodhaven Middle School, allowing the accommodation of an additional 400 students in central Spruce Grove, and the planned establishment of a replacement school for Stony Plain Central School, currently in the architectural design stage.

As a school authority, we are sensitive to shifts in local demographics, including family types, cultures, beliefs, special needs, socioeconomic situations and settings. All efforts are made to ensure that every student, regardless of location, ability or circumstance, has access to the educational services they need. We accomplish this by striking a balance between delivering the prescribed provincial curriculum and ensuring our approach is tailored to address local needs and complexities.

At PSD, we believe that our students’ well-being plays a key role in their overall success. As such, we designed our Wellness Initiative to help students develop social and emotional skills that build resilience. This strong foundation of self allows our students to reach beyond themselves and accept opportunities to engage in social responsibility and citizenship, helping them understand how a strong, connected community is equally important as individual expression and pride in one’s self.

Parkland School Division is an innovative and proactive school authority, and as such, we will be using our pioneering spirit to adapt as we experience a period of change. This change is not only due to shifting trends in education, but also the constraints of flat provincial funding and a heavily challenged economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are dedicated to minimizing any further impact on schools and the effect on students. Regardless of what student learning looks like moving forward, we are dedicated to providing supportive environments, meaningful experiences and fostering healthy relationships that encourage student development.

PSD is proud to serve as a driver of change as the province officially moves to an Assurance Model of planning and reporting. As one of the six pilot jurisdictions that have been on this journey for a number of years, PSD will be looked to as leaders in Alberta and an example for other jurisdictions.  This Education Plan highlights key domains and Assurance Elements that define our actions moving forward, including maintaining the trust and confidence of our stakeholders and striving toward our Ultimate Goal: Student Success and Well-being.

At Parkland School Division, we always put students first and are dedicated to preparing youth to take their place in a rapidly changing world. This preparation happens through consistent, day-by-day collaborative efforts that lead to positive student outcomes.