Stoney Language For Beginners

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February 27, 2017 - The Circle of Courage Project, a collaboration of Parkland School Division and Paul First Nation, is proud to present Stoney Language For Beginners, a FREE community course in which participants can learn to speak the Stoney language. After a successful first run in January and February, the Level 1 course will be on offer again this March.

Dates: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, March 13-30, 2017*
Time: 4:30-6pm
Location: Paul First Nation Health Services*
Ages: 14 and up (people of all backgrounds welcome)
Instructor: Jerry Rain

*Course dates and location have been updated since first posted.

Note: A Level 2 course for those who have already completed Level 1 is planned for this May. Dates and times TBA.

About the Course

Stoney Language For Beginners is a great opportunity to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants together to learn Stoney Language and culture (from which the Town of Stony Plain acquired its name) and to help carry forward the now-endangered language the Stoney people have used and passed down from time immemorial. Those who typically like taking second-language courses or learning about local history are sure to find something to enjoy here.

“Stoney language and culture will be shared, appreciated and respected with the neighboring communities of Paul First Nation,” says Amy Quintal, Indigenous Education Project Manager for Paul First Nation and Parkland School Division and organizer of Stoney Language For Beginners. “This will foster a collective vision on the importance of the Stoney language and culture in our region.”

“Language makes up the root of a culture, and if current language carriers do not transmit this language, then this language will die with them,” says course instructor Jerry Rain. “The Stoney-Nakota have a strong desire to hold on to their culture and language. Anyone who offers aid to replenish this desire and help make this happen will be forever in the debt of the Stoney-Nakota people, their language and their culture.

“The Circle of Courage Stoney Language Recovery Project wishes to inspire others with this desire to help. From this mini-course participants will leave knowing the basic sounds of the Stoney-Nakota language. As well, they will take with them a short lexicon of words in the Stoney-Nakota language to help inspire others to learn.”


Limited childcare, as well as transportation to and from Paul First Nation, will be available for participants. Please indicate your need for childcare and/or transportation when you register.

The Circle of Courage looks forward to sharing the Stoney language and culture with the community at large.

To register, or for more information, contact:
Amy Quintal
Indigenous Education Project Manager
Phone: 780-906-0725