Parkland School Division Display News en-us Fri, 20 Oct 2017 13:59:49 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 Election Day Official Results Thank you to all candidates who put their name forward for public school trustee. Follow the links below to track the unofficial results. Parkland County Results  City of Spruce Grove Results  Town of Stony Plain Results    Board of Trustees (Official) Ward 1 - Ron Heinrichs Ward 2 - Lorraine Stewart Ward 3 - Sally Kucher-Johnson Ward 4 - Paul McCann Ward 5 - Eric Cameron Ward 5 - Darlene Clarke Ward 5 - Anne Montgomery Candidate Forums Parkland School Division hosted a series of three Candidate Forums in advance of the upcoming election. The format included a moderator and three minutes for each candidate to deliver their platform, followed by all candidates answering the same three questions from the moderator. If you were unable to join us for these forums, video recordings of each of them have now been posted to our website and social media pages, so you can use them and the links below to help you make a well-informed decision come Election Day. Trustee Candidate Forum: Wards 3 & 4 - October 2, 2017 Watch the Video >>> Trustee Candidate Forum: Ward 5 - October 3, 2017 Watch the Video >>> Trustee Candidate Forum: Wards 1 & 2 - October 4, 2017 Watch the Video >>> Candidates Click on a candidate's name to visit their provided campaign website or social media page. Ward Area Candidates Ward 1 Seba Beach Wabamun Tomahawk Entwistle Duffield Terry Goldstein Ron Heinrichs Ward 2 Parkland Village Muir Lake Elsie Kinsey Lorraine Stewart Mandy Stierman Ward 3 Blueberry Graminia Sally Kucher-Johnson Kathleen Linder Ward 4 Town of Stony Plain Richard Gilchrist Paul McCann Ward 5 City of Spruce Grove Eric Cameron Darlene Clarke Gary Hanna Darcy Kolodnicki Adam McArthur Anne Montgomery Please note:  Three (3) candidates will be elected as trustees to represent Ward 5; one (1) candidate will be elected in each of the other wards. Links in the above chart were provided by the candidates. If a candidate's name is not linked to their website or social media page, no link was provided. For further information, visit the Election 2017 page of our website. News News Assistant Principal Announced for Copperhaven September 15, 2017 - Parkland School Division’s Superintendent of Schools Tim Monds is pleased to announce the following administrative appointment for the 2018-2019 school year effective October 1, 2017. Copperhaven School’s administration team will be rounded out by Ms. Cherie Lovsund as the school’s first Assistant Principal.  Ms. Lovsund will join Principal Linda Simmonds as they prepare to open the school in the fall of 2018. “It’s been such a busy calendar year in PSD with school modernization announcements, new bus transfer stations opening soon and the usual increased pace that goes with the beginning of a school year that it’s easy to forget that we have another brand new Kindergarten to Grade 9 school opening right around the corner” said Superintendent Tim Monds. “We’re very pleased that Ms. Lovsund is joining the administrative team and her wealth of experience in the Early Years Setting with a focus on literacy and collaboration will be a huge asset to the new team being developed for Copperhaven.” “All children want to succeed and, with the right motivation and support, they can.” stated Lovsund. “My hope is to empower children by inviting them into a nurturing, student-centered environment and I can’t wait for that environment to be the clean slate we get opening a new school.” Cherie Lovsund has been a dedicated educator with 25 years of experience combined between Parkland School Division and School District 57 in Prince George B.C. She began her teaching career in 1991 as a Grade 1 teacher at Morfee Elementary School in Mackenzie B.C. Her journey with Parkland School Division began in 2010 at Seba Beach School as a Grade 3/4 teacher. She moved to Parkland Village School the following school year to become the Grade 3 teacher and has been team-teaching Grade 3 for the past 3 years.  Most recently, Cherie moved into a role as a Collaborative Teaching Partner serving Parkland Village School, Graminia School and Prescott Learning Centre.  She’s also held acting administrator positions at Morfee Elementary and Parkland Village School. Cherie’s keen interest in music has led to roles as a Choir Director and Musical Director for school theatrical productions. She’s been a French as a second language educator, a literacy coordinator, has presented workshops on Literacy in Action, Collaborative Literacy/Math Centres and Literacy Intervention. Ms. Lovsund also played a key role in Parkland School Division’s pilot for Fountas and Pinnell. Cherie earned her Bachelor of Education degree from University of Victoria in 1991 and is currently working towards a Masters of Curriculum and Educational Leadership, also from the University of Victoria. Cherie will begin a dual role starting October 1, 2017 as Assistant Principal of Copperhaven School collaborating with Principal Linda Simmonds on the planning and staffing of the new school. Additionally, Ms. Lovsund will join the staff at Woodhaven Middle School as an Assistant Principal for the balance of the 2017 - 2018 school year. For further information, contact: Shauna Boyce Deputy Superintendent Phone: 780-963-8417 News News Transportation Fees Changing May 3, 2017 - On behalf of Parkland School Division’s Board of Trustees, we’d like to inform you of some upcoming changes to Parkland School Division’s Transportation Services and fee structure. At the recent Regular Board Meeting April 4, 2017, the Board of Trustees approved changes to the 2017-2018 Fees & Allowances. At the May 2nd Regular Board Meeting that resolution (059-2017) was rescinded to make way for additional changes to the fee structure. The new 2017 - 2018 Fees & Allowances Schedule was subsequently approved. With the introduction of Bill 1, effective for the 2017-2018 school year, the Division will no longer have jurisdiction to charge a parent of a student fees with respect to instructional supplies and materials or transportation for students residing more than 2.4 kilometers from and who attend their designated school sites. For more information, visit the Transportation Services page on our website. Transportation Rider Fee Eliminated The transportation rider fee of $50.00 has been eliminated and is now included in the rate charged for all transportation fees. For example: for those riders that live more than 2.4 km and who attend their designated school, their previous transportation fees were $50 and will now be $0. Less than 2.4km  The school division does not receive grant funding to transport for students residing less than 2.4 kilometers from their designated school, therefore they are required to pay a transportation fee to a maximum family rate. For example: for those riders that live less than 2.4 km who attend their designated school, their fees will now be $300 (Grades 1-12) or $150 for ECS riders or $50 for rural families under 2.4km. For these ineligible, unfunded riders, there will be a maximum rate per family of $775.  New Alternate Seat Fees A new Alternate Seat Fee will be assessed for all students requesting more than one drop-off/pickup location on a different bus route. When a parent or guardian reserves multiple locations for pick-up or drop-off, this occupies a seat on multiple buses even when its not being used. Transportation Services registered capacity is currently approaching full. The new alternate seat fees are $150 for ECS (full day/half time) or $300 (Grades 1-12). This is per child, per alternate location with a Maximum Family Rate of $750. According to the School Act (section 51(1)(a) and the Student Transportation Regulation (250/1998) a board shall provide for the transportation of a student to and from the site of the school in which the board has enrolled the student if the student resides 2.4 kilometres or more from the school. School boards are NOT mandated by legislation to register students with multiple or alternate pick-up and drop-off locations.  Requests have to be located on existing routes with available spots on the bus in order to be considered. For a complete listing of the Fee Schedule, visit the Bus Passes and Cross Attendance Area Fees page on our website. For more information, contact: Parkland School Division Transportation Services 4603 - 48 Street Stony Plain, AB T7Z 2A8 Phone: 780-963-8452 Email: News News Bill 1: Update May 9, 2017 - Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees passed in the legislature and has received royal assent. Upon proclamation, the Bill will be in effect for the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year. As indicated by the Province of Alberta, all students deserve access to a quality education in an Alberta school, regardless of their individual circumstances or their ability to pay school fees. Through Bill 1, the government is eliminating fees for specific instructional supplies and materials, as well as transportation fees for students who live 2.4 kilometres or more away from their designated school. Parkland School Division's Board of Trustees approved the 2017 - 2018 Fees & Allowances Schedule at the Regular Board Meeting on Tuesday May 2, 2017. For more on changes to Parkland School Division's Transportation Fees changes, click here. School Fees may still be charged as per Appendix B for common fees, options courses, field trips or additional supplementary fees.  In the future, the new School Fees Regulation will provide the Minister with the authority to regulate these additional fees. Frequently Asked Questions When will the new School Fees regulation be complete?  We anticipate that the regulation will be in force in June.  The department will continue to work with school boards, and other relevant stakeholders, to ensure implementation for September 2017. When will school fee reductions be implemented?  The reductions will be implemented for the 2017/18 school year. Will parents still be charged for fees such as lunch-hour supervision fees, technology fees, and field trips? Yes, for at least the 2017/18 school year, these fees are not being restricted. Therefore, school boards will be able to continue charging these fees, if they so choose. For the 2017/18 school year, the following fees are being eliminated: textbook fees; workbook fees; printing and photocopying fees; paper fees; common fees, specifically related to instructional supplies and materials, charged to an entire student body or grade cohort; and fees for the transportation of students attending their designated school and living 2.4 kilometres or more from that school. For the time being, school boards’ ability to charge other fees is not being changed. However, the new School Fees Regulation will provide Minister with the authority to regulate these additional fees in the future. How is this reduction being funded? Budget 2017 provides $54 million in funding, in the 2017/18 school year, to reduce school fees. This funding will help offset the revenue loss projected as a result of Bill 1, and will help ensure that boards can maintain current educational programming without increasing other still-permitted school fees. For more information contact: Claire Jonsson Associate Superintendent, Business & Finance Email: News News Shauna Boyce Appointed Deputy Superintendent May 3, 2017 - Parkland School Division’s Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Tim Monds, is pleased to announce that Ms. Shauna Boyce has been appointed the role of Deputy Superintendent. In the role of Deputy Superintendent, Ms. Boyce will continue her portfolio which includes Human Resources, Facilities Services and Communications and will see an expanded role working directly with the Superintendent on Division initiatives and will be working closer with the Board of Trustees.   “Shauna’s leadership demonstrates a strong emphasis on collaboration and she’s already contributed immensely when it comes to developing leaders from within Parkland School Division,” stated Tim Monds. “As a learning organization, the Division is committed to unleashing leadership at all levels. In just a short time in her current role as an Associate Superintendent, Shauna has helped foster our relationship with the University of Calgary and the Masters cohort group building educational leadership capacity in our Lead Team."  "I'm excited for the opportunity in this expanded role within the Division.” said Boyce.  “I have learned a great deal during my time with the PSD Senior Executive team and I look forward to continuing this journey.  This is a great organization in which to work, and I am grateful to learn and grow alongside so many dedicated, forward-thinking, and committed individuals.” Ms. Boyce has dedicated her entire professional career to Parkland School Division.  She began as a Math, English, Chemistry and Alternate Programming teacher at Spruce Grove Composite High School, followed by a secondment with Alberta Education as Examination Manager for Applied Mathematics 30.  Upon returning to a school in 2002, she moved to Memorial Composite High School as Mathematics Department Head before venturing into her administrative career as an Assistant Principal in 2004 and Principal in 2008. She joined Senior Executive as an Associate Superintendent in April of 2016. Ms. Boyce completed her Master’s of Education with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Alberta in 2002.  She earned her Bachelor of Education degree majoring in Mathematics and minoring in English Language Arts in 1990. For more information contact: Tim Monds Superintendent Phone: 780-963-8404 Email: News News CASL & FOIP Consent in PowerSchool September 9, 2016 - As you may already know, the laws outlined in the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) govern how schools and the school division can use the information we collect from you when you register your child for school.  For more information on what may be considered a Commercial Electronic Message for school jurisdictions, vist the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation page on our website. Your CASL consent allows schools and the school division to send you electronic communications (e.g. emails or newsletters) containing commercial messages, while your FOIP consent allows us to share information about your child (e.g. name and picture) with the public. It is now easier than ever for you to indicate your CASL and FOIP consent using your PowerSchool account. Please watch the short video below and follow along with these simple steps so we know how you prefer your information to be handled. For more information, please contact your school office. News News Government Announces Woodhaven Modernization March 21, 2017 - The Alberta Government plans to invest in 26 school projects to improve access to education and create jobs as part of Budget 2017. Eight brand new schools, nine replacements of old ones and seven modernizations will address enrolment growth and revitalize older schools while creating thousands of jobs for Albertans. Planning funds have also been earmarked for two additional schools, with construction dollars expected at a later date. Budget 2017 allocates $500 million for these projects, the first of which will be ready for occupancy in September 2021.   “Our government is working to make life better for Albertans and part of that is building schools for our growing number of students. We will also protect and improve education by providing a much-needed facelift to some of our aging facilities.” - Premier Rachel Notley New schools will address enrolment pressures in fast-growing urban areas of Edmonton, Calgary, Airdrie and Lethbridge. The nine replacement schools are located in Banff, Rivière Qui Barre, Grande Prairie, Irma, Iron Springs, Sherwood Park, Medicine Hat and two sites in Edmonton. The seven schools to be modernized are located in Drayton Valley, Bonnyville, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Red Deer, Spruce Grove, and Calgary. Modernizations provide improvements to older facilities such as building envelope upgrades, electrical and mechanical improvements and other functional upgrades to ensure students have access to effective and modern learning environments. Two projects, the Ellerslie-area school in Edmonton and the Lethbridge elementary, have been approved for design dollars with full construction funding expected later. These 26 school projects will create more than 6,000 jobs. For almost all of the projects, construction will likely begin in 2018 after design is complete and schools are projected to begin opening in 2021. Premier Rachel Notley and Education Minister David Eggen joined school trustees and students at Woodhaven Middle School in Spruce Grove to celebrate its planned modernization while Finance Minister Joe Ceci did the same at Forest Lawn High School in Calgary, which is also due for a substantial renovation. “Parkland School Division is extremely excited and most appreciative of the announced modernization of Woodhaven Middle School. This project reflects the government's commitment to capital projects to support the education of Alberta's most valued resource, our children. The modernization of Woodhaven Middle School will certainly benefit our school community with enhanced facilities and with increased capacity in one of the fastest growing cities in the province.”  - Eric Cameron, Board Chair, Parkland School Division "We have almost 650 children crammed into an aging building that is actually built to comfortably educate 450 students. We're thrilled about what a modernization of Woodhaven combined with the two new Kindergarten to Grade 9 schools in Spruce Grove will do for our students. Right-sizing schools and classrooms and using areas of our schools for their intended design will help our students achieve our ultimate goal of student success & well-being." - Tim Monds, Superintendent, Parkland School Division For more information contact: Lindsay Harvey Press Secretary, Alberta Education Phone: 780-868-4200 Email: Jordi Weidman Director, Strategic Planning & Communications Parkland School Division Email: News News Tim Monds, Excellence in School System Leadership Award March 10, 2017 -(EDMONTON) – Tim Monds, Superintendent for Parkland School Division, received the provincial EXL Award for Excellence in School System Leadership at the Annual General Meeting of the College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS), held March 9 in Edmonton. CASS will nominate Monds for the national EXL Award as Canadian Superintendent of the Year, to be announced at the Canadian Association of School System Administrators (CASSA) Conference July 5 – 7 in Halifax. The EXL Award recognizes excellence among members of the superintendency in Canada.  Jointly sponsored by Xerox Canada Ltd and CASSA, this prestigious award is granted to outstanding educators who exhibit exemplary leadership ability and who have enhanced the profession of school system administration throughout their career. Consideration for the EXL award is given to those system education leaders who: guide children’s educational experiences,   establish the character of a school system’s programs through the important work with school boards, school leaders, teachers and parents, shape children’s attitudes towards learning and their perceptions of themselves as lifelong learners, and model effective leadership and mentoring. In his nomination, Monds was credited for establishing a culture of learning and trust within the Division. His focus on relationship building has resulted in Division staff expressing they feel valued and heard. Other accomplishments attributed to Monds included a leadership development program, a wellness program and alignment of wrap-around services to support all students. Under Mond’s leadership, the Division has established numerous partnerships with community organizations, included the YMCA, Human Services and the municipality. He has served on CASS and community executive committees, and has presented locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. In July, he will be a member of a Superintendents group making a presentation in Charlottetown to Education Ministers from across Canada. "On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Parkland School Division I would like to express our pride and congratulations on the awarding of the Alberta EXL Award to our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Tim Monds," said Parkland Board Chair Eric Cameron. “Tim is so deserving of this prestigious award that recognizes his dedication and enthusiasm to the pursuit of educational excellence not only for our division, but also for the enhancement of education practice at the provincial and federal level.  Tim has fostered a culture of life-long learning in all aspects of our organization under the umbrella of cooperation and transparency." Monds will be acknowledged as Alberta’s EXL Award nominee at the CASSA Annual Conference, which will be held in Halifax from July 5 – 7, 2017. For further information, contact: Barry Litun Executive Director, College of Alberta School Superintendents Phone: 780-451-7106 Email: Jordi Weidman Director, Strategic Planning & Communications Parkland School Division Email: News News Beaverbrook Wellness Centre / YMCA Opening Soon February 17, 2017 - Parkland School Division is pleased to share the latest from our partners at Beaverbrook Developments and the YMCA - Northern Alberta. The YMCA Child Care facilities, located within the Beaverbrook Wellness Centre, are scheduled to open Monday April 3, 2017. During the past two years, Parkland School Division has been working closely with our partners to develop a vision and plan for this community hub that will provide much needed resources for parents, especially when it comes to wrap around supports for our youngest learners. The school division welcomes the new neighbours to Prescott Learning Centre and looks forward to future opportunities being explored for additional early intervention programming combining the knowledge and expertise of dedicated staff committed to working with children in the community. YMCA Beaverbrook Child Care Date: Opening Monday April 3, 2017 Location: Beside Prescott Learning Centre, 344 Pioneer Road, Spruce Grove. Early Years – 12 months to 5 years School Age – Kindergarten to Grade 6 For more information, email YMCA Beaverbrook Child Care Poster Open House Date: Wednesday February 22, 2017 Location: Beside Prescott Learning Centre, 344 Pioneer Road, Spruce Grove Time: 4-7pm Early Years Child Care Program Highlights All Staff hold Alberta Child Care Certification Playing to Learn Curriculum Access to outdoor activities Access to facility gymnasium Two snacks provided daily (minimum two Canada Food Guide Groups) Some programs provide lunch (minimum two Canada Food Guide Groups) - contact program director for availability at your centre All fieldtrips and special programming are included All programs include community involvement activities YMCA Child Care Objectives To provide a warm caring environment which will develop your child’s potential creative, intellectual, emotional, social and physical skills To provide a safe environment that is a natural progression from home to school To ensure that your child is cared for and is supervised at all times To hire educators that are experienced and well trained to provide the best care and enrichment for your child To provide a communication system that ensures parent to educators contact throughout the program year To set fees that allow the Centre to operate at a full cost recovery basis YMCA Child Care Values YMCA Child Care is available to everyone regardless of race, sex, religion or economic circumstances Parents have the right to pursue work or education with peace of mind, and children have the right to a secure, safe and developmentally appropriate program YMCA Child Care families can access additional programs and services that the YMCA provides to support them Parent participation is important to YMCA Child Care YMCA Quality Statement Parent evaluations, current research, and over 20 years of experience in delivering child care programs have helped us to define our Quality Checklist: Children are happy and involved Educators have a caring attitude Centre, equipment and toys are accessible, clean & safe Children participate in small groups in stimulating activities with teachers Food is nutritionally balanced Parent-educator communication is promoted and parents feel welcome in the centre Sufficient play materials are available Outdoor play activities are taking place in well maintained play areas Educators are good role models and have ongoing and appropriate training Parents have regular feedback about their child Licensing Every child care centre in Alberta is regulated by the Provincial Licensing Standards. Centres are required to meet the mandatory regulations, and are visited regularly by a Licensing Officer to ensure they are in compliance. Reports from these visits are posted in your centre, and are available for parents to view. Any recommendations from these reports are used as an opportunity to improve the centre. Accreditation The purpose of Accreditation in Alberta is to raise the standard of Child Care in the Province and improve best practices in Early Learning and Child Care Services. Accreditation is a voluntary process, and involves great dedication on the part of the educators and the centre. The benefits of an accredited centre: Attracts families who are looking for a high quality centre Attracts educators who are looking to work in a quality centre The educators receive support funding All of our centres participate in the Accreditation process. Preschool Accreditation was implemented in 2004, and School-Age Accreditation was launched in 2009. Our centres are at varying stages in the process. Please ask your Director for more information. Playing to Learn YMCA Playing to Learn is a national curriculum that helps children in YMCA licensed early years programs discover learning through creative play. This curriculum combines three decades of experience in child care delivery, with the latest body of knowledge on how the brain develops and how children learn. We believe YMCA Playing to Learn is the best approach to ensure a child’s continued enthusiasm and capacity for life-long learning. Educators in your child’s classroom will develop activities based on the children’s interest which will provide them with the foundations of language & literacy, mathematics, science & technology, and the arts, including music, visual arts and dramatic arts. Through this curriculum, your child will develop knowledge, skills and attributes which will help facilitate a smooth transition into the school age environment. Please speak with your centre Director for more detailed information on this exciting curriculum. YMCA Playing to Learn Brochure News News Board Meeting Highlights - February 7, 2017 The Board of Trustees is pleased to share with all education stakeholders the highlights of our recent Board meeting held on Tuesday, February 7, 2017. The adopted minutes will be available on our website following the next Regular Board meeting. Update: The Board welcomed a delegation from various schools and community partner TransAlta TriLeisure Centre for an update on the PLAY Parkland (Physical Literacy and You) movement happening in Parkland School Division. In partnership with Canadian Sport 4 Life and Ever Active Schools, Parkland School Division has partnered with recreation and sports to build capacity in the area of physical literacy throughout our classrooms because evidence demonstrates that this form of literacy is linked to lifelong wellness. The Board received as information a Class Size Initiative Report delivered by Associate Superintendent, Scott Johnston. The Board received as information the Occupational Health and Safe Report as delivered by Director of Facilities, Serge LaBrie. The Board approved the monthly financial report for the period ending December 31, 2016. The year-to-date surplus is $1.1 million dollars.Total revenues are at 34.4% of the final budget of $127,538,751.  Total expenses are at 33.5% of the final budget of $127,581,618.  The target percentage for this period was 33.3%. The Board approved the motion to send a trustee to the National Congress on Rural Education in Canada to be held this year in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Trustee Sally Kucher-Johnson will attend. The Board had a first reading of By-Law No. 1-17, Rearrangement of the Electoral Wards and Trustee(s) to be Elected to Each Ward. The process for the by-law was also approved which includes the first reading February 7, 2017, a second reading at a Special Board Meeting February 23, 2017 and then the by-law would be passed following a third separate and distinct reading. The Board authorized Parkland School Division's administration to enter into Joint Election Agreements between Parkland School Division No. 70 and Parkland County, Town of Stony Plain and City of Spruce Grove for the 2017 Local Election. The Board approved the recommendation to appoint Doug Tymchyshyn as the returning officer for Parkland School Division No. 70 for the 2017 Local Election.   Next Special Board meeting will be held on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 9am, Centre for Education in Stony Plain (4603-48 Street) Next Regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 6:30pm, Centre for Education in Stony Plain (4603-48 Street) News News