Trustee Profile

Elsie Kinsey

About Me

Elsie Kinsey has been a resident of Parkland County for 24 years.

She has 2 sons and 3 grandsons.

She has experience as a school trustee and has served as both a councillor and mayor in Parkland County.

Elsie is:

  • A member of the Stony Plain Rotary Club
  • A member of the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce
  • Co-owner of CDN Power Pac Electrical Contractors 
  • A former member of the Alberta Health Facilities Review Committee
  • A former member of the Alberta Student Attendance Board, which deals with issues related to delinquent students 
  • A past member of the Alberta Parks and Recreation Association and the Alberta Seniors Housing Association

Elsie’s first priority for public education is excellence and equity for all children with a focus on student achievement and social development.

Her second priority is to achieve positive staff morale, strong communication, and appropriate government funding.