Every child is unique. In Parkland School Division, families have access to a wide array of programs designed to meet the diverse interests and needs of all students, while following Alberta's program of study.

Programs of Choice

Programs of choice provide students and their parents with programs such as French Immersion, Christian Education, or Knowledge and Employability. They also allow for study in alternative settings such as Outreach Campuses or distance learning. 

Specialized Programs

More than 800 students within Parkland School Division have diagnosed special needs. We provide a full range of specialized programs* that serve students with behavioural, communication, intellectual, learning and physical disabilities.

Wherever possible, first consideration is given to serving students with special needs through reasonable accommodations in a regular classroom setting in their designated neighbourhood school. All students identified with special needs are supported through the development of an Individualized Program Plan (IPP), implemented primarily by classroom teachers in cooperation with the child's parents.

*All specialized programs are accessed by referral of the home school through Learning Services.

Inspiring Action on Education 

This is your opportunity to be involved in transforming our education system. Inspiring Action aims to explain why transformation of the education system is needed and to foster a greater understanding of key policy issues that need to be addressed. To participate or for more information, see Engage With Alberta Education

Child Disability Benefit

If you have a child with identified severe special needs, you may qualify for significant tax credits from the Government of Canada. This credit can assist you with the financial costs for therapy, specialized equipment or devices, and some respite care. For some families, it has meant several thousand dollars that they were able to use to support their child’s medical, physical and/or mental needs more easily. Consult with an accountant or visit the Canada Revenue Agency's page on the Child Disability Benefit to learn more.

For more information contact: 
Learning Services
Phone: 780-963-8458