Connecting and Sharing: Building Learning Communities Using Web 2.0 

Technology and social media are everywhere.  Children are connecting around the world at a young age, but are they doing this in an appropriate way? Educators around the world as well as here in Parkland are using social media as a way of connecting, collaborating, and creating projects that are relevant to students, while preparing them to be responsible and ethical digital citizens.

In this presentation, George Couros, Principal of Forest Green School/CFL, will show how technology is evolving in schools to create enhanced learning environments. Through the use of social media, George will show how technology creates learning opportunities at both home and abroad and demonstrate how parents can take part in their child's education.

Join us on Tuesday March 1, 2011 at 7pm at Forest Green School.

For more information contact:
Forest Green School
Phone: 780-963-7366 
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